I spent the early part of this month in southern WV photographing efforts to move beyond a coal economy.  On one of my days off, I volunteered with WV Ministry of Advocacy and Workcamps.  I came to learn about their work after meeting a local pastor.  We were both out for BBQ.  Pastor Cab and a couple of deacons from his church work with mission teams to restore homes affected by flood damage.  The double-wide they were working on the day I participated belonged to a widow whose home had suffered severe flood damage several years prior in 2009.  Pastor Cab also spent time surveying the adjacent home of her son-in-law, who is waiting on construction of an accessible bathroom. He lost both legs due to diabetes and gangrene infection.  Sadly, the gangrene infection resulted from walking through flood waters to get in and out of his home.  The young men who came to volunteer were visiting from St Peter’s Preparatory, a Jesuit high school in New Jersey.

I share these images to increase awareness about the long-term needs of those in flood-ravaged communities.  If you would like to learn more about how you can fund efforts to rebuild homes and lives, I’ve provided a link to WVMAW.  I’ve also provided a link from WV Public Broadcasting that offers a detailed list of organizations helping with the recent floods in Nicholas, Greenbrier and Kanawha Counties.



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