Last year at this time, I was headed to The Greenbrier for Whitney Ray and Hampton Rose’s wedding.  One year prior to that, I had also headed south, spending New Year’s Eve photographing Caroline Rose and Greg Van Wie’s wedding.  Caroline is Hampton’s sister.  Part of the fortune of this work is getting to know families and having the honor of being invited back to once again capture their history and celebrations.  Thank you to the Rose and Ray Family for your trust.

These are some of my favorite images from the wedding.  Whitney brought all her style and flair, Hampton his gracious and loving demeanor.   He adores Whitney in a way that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy.  On their wedding night, after many years of courtship, they could truly say…

“For once I can say: ‘This is mine you won’t take it’.  As long as I’ve got love, I know I can make it.  For once in my life, I’ve got someone who needs me.”

…and they danced the night away.

Thank you to David Smith for his friendship and brilliant second shooting.  Thank you to Anthony Gioia and Melissa Marshall for their fun companionship and hard work assisting.  During this past year, Whitney and Hampton’s wedding was published as a feature in WV WEDDINGS magazine.  Thank you WV WEDDINGS!

Event Planner:  Emily French
Venue and catering:  The Greenbrier
Florist:  Gillespie’s
Makeup:  Lou Stevens Glam Squad

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